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I have conducted a survey, in-order to understand the current issues both candidates and clients are currently experiencing, here is a snapshot of issues highlighted:

Permanent Supply:

Candidate A:

“I have attended around ten interviews over the previous six month for similar positions and each time post interview. I have to chase each agency for feedback, as this is never given, therefore, I do not know where I am going wrong. This has become very demoralising”

Candidate B:

“I seem to find myself chasing the agencies for confirmation of interview timings, locations and directions. This can sometimes only be provided on the day of the interview. Interviews are stressful enough, without the information to hand this is very difficult to prepare for interviews”

Temporary Supply:

Candidate A:

“I am fed up of fighting for money owed to me by agencies, I was owed Holiday pay, of which I am entitled to by law and every time I asked for it, I was informed next week it would be paid. I got fed up and gave up in the end!”

Candidate B:

“Every time I receive an assignment from a certain agency they either get the time or the place wrong. I was once sent to the wrong stadium when working at the Football match. When I then arrived 1 hour late (due to no fault of my own), I was informed it was too late and they did not need any more staff. I was then sent home and not offered any money for my inconvenience”

Ignite – key values:

I –  Innovation
G – Good local and National knowledge
N – Negotiating for the benefit of both Candidates and Clients
I – Inducting personnel to the key values
T – Trust
E – Excellence as standard