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I have conducted a survey, in-order to understand the current issues both candidates and clients are currently experiencing, here is a snapshot of issues highlighted:

Permanent Supply:

Client A:

“I am sometimes amazed when I use agencies. I once had a vacancy for a Baker; I received a CV from an agency. They informed me this candidate had all the relevant skills for the position. I received the CV, unformatted via fax and the ‘suitable candidate’ had never been a Baker – what a waste of time I thought to myself!”

Client B:

“I once used an agency for a vacancy, within three months we had a visit from immigration. It turned out the agency I used had not made the relevant checks and vetted the candidate’s legal status therefore I was a staff member down. When I questioned the agency they told me it was my responsibility and they would not refund any of fee charged” 

Temporary Supply:

Client A:

“I am fed up of being seen as a number and large agencies taking advantage of the fact with are only allowed to procure the services of temporary and permanent personnel from nominated supplier, how many chances do we have to give in-order to for the ‘agency’ to get it right!”

Client B:

“Every time there is a large event within one of the stadia venues, we seem to become second best and always struggle and agencies never have the right candidate available. We get sent un-skilled workers for the day or days in question. Then after the event we get sent the right person and they think this is fine – it is not!” 

Ignite – key values:

I –  Innovation
G – Good local and National knowledge
N – Negotiating for the benefit of both Candidates and Clients
I – Inducting personnel to the key values
T – Trust
E – Excellence as standard